While waiting to change his airpack, a despondent firefighter with Marion County Fire Rescue watches as colleagues work to save the life of Catherine Steinmetz while other personal work to contain the fire at a single-family home at 10050 SW 188th Court in Rainbow Springs Country Club Estates. Steinmetz was pronounced dead at TimberRidge Medical Center. The fire is under investigation.
One dead in fire

Chuck Leahy heard the commotion early Monday evening, shouts of a fire.

He then peered out the back of his father-in-law’s house in Rainbow Springs Country Club Estates, seeing flames shooting through the kitchen area of the house.

So Leahy ran outside, checking the burning structure for a garden hose, or other water source, to no avail. Knowing Catherine Steinmetz was inside, he and another eyewitness checked the front door. It was still cool to the touch, so they kicked it in.