Cat shot with arrow, caught, recovering

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By Jeff Bryan

Angel is proving some cats have nine lives, thanks largely to Sheltering Hands.
The tuxedo cat, seen roaming the neighborhood in Dunnellon Heights with an arrow through its side, was caught last Friday and transported to the University of Florida Animal Hospital by volunteers with Sheltering Hands Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to animal rescues.
Angel was in surgery for two hours Saturday, said resident Evelyn Pelton. She said the feline had to have part of its lung removed and that part of its diaphragm was injured when it was struck with the arrow.
“Oh you talk about jubilee,” Pelton said. “He’s doing well from what they’ve told me.”
Pelton said Angel is on a respirator and has an infection, but is eating well.
“Everything is positive,” she said.
Pelton said the city was extremely helpful, especially Reggie Tomaine who set up the cage to corral Angel.
“We appreciate the city,” Pelton said. “Reggie just worked so hard. He did bring that trap out and baited it for us. I give him credit.”
Pelton said once Angel recovers from his surgery, Sheltering Hands will put the feline in a foster home until it is adopted.
“They don’t put them in cages, they keep them until they are adopted out,” she said.