Jeff Bryan
The 360 Club begins their morning trek along the Dunnellon Trailhead at Blue Run Park. The group of women began walking regularly more than a year ago, with the goal of logging 360 miles by the end of 2016. The women accomplished the feat with their feet. In honor of their accomplishment, they had T-shirts made for each member of the group.
'Walk by faith'

Augie Salzer

Riverland News

For one group of women, Isiah 40:30 has given them new inspiration in not just their daily walks, but their fellowship with each other and with God.

A year ago, several women set a goal to walk 360 miles in six months. They exceeded their expectations and are still going strong.

The women made it official June 1, 2016, by purchasing bright, hot pink T-shirts with the words “360 Club at Dunnellon Trailhead” on the front, a Bible passage printed on the back and they started walking.