Sharon Haynes waits on customers at Pizza Hut. The longtime Dunnellon area resident will celebrate her 25th year as a waitress for the local eatery Saturday. “I’ve done it so long I don’t know any better,” Haynes said about staying with the same job for so long. “I just like being nice to people.”
Still dishing it out

Story by Augie Salzer -- For the Riverland News

The wait staff at a restaurant can easily turn your visit into a nightmare, complete with indigestion, or a pleasurable dining experience. Many local residents feel they have found the perfect recipe at the Dunnellon Pizza Hut.
On Saturday, Sharon Haynes will complete her 25th year as a waitress for the local eatery. Customers will specifically ask to sit in her area and will time their visit to the pizzeria when they know she is working.