Julie Mancini
There are a few residents in the city of Dunnellon willing to talk about the “real” ghosts haunting some of the homes built in the 1889 era when phosphate was found here. The “haunted” Historic Depot, another century-old property actually has two ghosts roaming inside of the building. The Greater Dunnellon Historical Society (GDHS) owns the building at 12061 S. Williams St.
Hallowed haunts

Story by Augie Salzer
For the Riverland News

This is the time of year when most people think about ghosts, goblins, witches and superstitions. Halloween is nearly upon us and many will enjoy decorating their homes and lawns with headstones, spider webs, ghosts or other symbols representing this holiday. It is cool, the fall days are shorter giving us more scary night time and Friday the 13th is only a few weeks later.