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  • Carmella’s undergoes minor facelift

    When Carmella’s closed its doors in July, it wasn’t because the longtime Dunnellon eatery was preparing for a permanent shut down.
    It was for the annual one-week summer vacation, but for owners Ralph and April Carmella and a handful of others, it was an intense week of remodeling for the 13-year-old family owned restaurant.

  • Organization offers animals a ‘SAFE’ haven

    Story by Nancy Kennedy -- For the Riverland News

  • Report: Modest surcharge necessary

    Completely eliminating the surcharge on customers outside the city limits would put the burden of cost on taxpayers, the Dunnellon City Council learned Monday night during a presentation by Burnham &
    That news didn’t sit well with Rainbow Springs residents who have long sought a repeal of the current 25 percent surcharge levied since the city purchased the Rainbow Springs and Juliette Falls utility systems in December 2011.
    The study, presented by Andy Burnham, showed two potential avenues for the City Council to decide.

  • Legendary shot

    Story by Augie Salzer -- For the Riverland News

  • Greenlight deal hits minor snag

    A last-minute surprise of a mysterious group of would-be bidders, which never materialized, caused a touch of uneasiness for officials with Wideband, Eddie Esch told the Dunnellon City Council.
    “The whole experience set the bidders back,” Esch explained, adding, “we had hoped to be further ahead of where we are at this point.

  • Firm hired to help with financial woes

    If Dunnellon cannot solve its financial crisis, the outlook would be gloom, said Susan H. Churuti, with Bryant, Miller & Olive’s law firm, the state’s largest municipal finance firm.

  • Next step in deal in judge’s hands

    Judge Stephen Rogers is set to give Dunnellon his attention for 60 minutes today at the Marion County Courthouse as he decides the fate of the Rainbow River Ranch settlement.
    “I know for you and several others, this case is the most important one,” he explained during a July 3 conference hearing in which he established guidelines for today’s hearing. “However, I have other people who feel the same way about theirs.”

  • Fresh approach

    Story by Julie Mancini -- For the Riverland News

  • New beginnings

    Bells will be ringing come Monday, and it won’t be the Christmas bells.
    It’ll be the bells signaling the start of the 2013-14 school year for more than 40,000 youngsters throughout Marion County.
    With school starting, it’ll mean more traffic, especially buses on the road, and reduced speeds through school zones.

  • City rebuffs bailout overture

    An overture from a private, unknown group of investors to bail out the city of Dunnellon from its financial responsibilities Monday was rebuffed by the Dunnellon City Council.
    The offer wasn’t a show of generosity from a group of citizens concerned about the future of the city, instead it was an offer by the anonymous group to pay the debt off and privatize select municipal services and retain control of city finances.