Jeff Bryan
Riverland Christian Academy will begin its 18th school year Monday as students countywide return to classrooms. The Academy, in conjunction with Riverland Baptist Church, will undergo an expansion this year, allowing for the school to expand its curriculum and add students. The Academy staff, pictured from left, are: Denise A. Aiello, principal; Bonnie Ferrell, teacher; Heather Crutchfield, teacher; Trina Fish, teacher; Christy Carringer, pastor’s wife; Tasha Fish, teacher; Pastor Rex Carringer; Brandi Smith, teacher; Nate Pitts, teacher; Christa Froehly, teacher; and, Butch Wike, coach.
Seeds of expansion

A new school year abounds and for Riverland Christian Academy, it means changes too.

A private, Christian-based school is expanding its reach this year, adding K3 and K4 classes, complimenting its kindergarten through 12th grade students. The academy averages between 50-65 students, but are looking to increase to 100 students, according to Principal Denise Aiello. The goal is to provide a good balance of being able to offer a wide range of activities and programs, she added.