Jeff Bryan
Roxanne Caraway, who has been a local insurance agent in Dunnellon for 40 years, and owner of Caraway Allstate Insurance Agency, is retiring and selling the business to Emery Abshire, who has owned and operated an Allstate office in Belleview for the past 24 years. Caraway began her lengthy career as insurance representative at Dunnellon Insurance Agency in 1976, before she and her late-husband, Jim, purchased the business in 1981.
‘In God’s Hands’

For 40 years, well before Allstate’s catchy phrase, “You’re in Good Hands,” became popular, Roxanne Caraway made it a point to let her customers know they weren’t just in good hands and they were more than just clients, they were family, and she made it a point to take care of their needs.

That, Caraway said, remained the key aspect of an industry that is ever-competitive.