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Congressman takes on Q&A with DMS students

Julie Mancini


Riverland News

Congressman Neal Dunn visited Dunnellon Middle School the morning of February 23 before leaving to head back home.

First, Rep. Dunn briefly addressed the teachers before a mandatory training they were having on test administration. After that, the congressman was led across campus to meet with members of the Dunnellon Middle School Student Council, stopping along the way at the media center to deliver four boxes of books that Congressman Dunn and his wife had chosen for the school from the Library of Congress.

Seven students had come to school early and were patiently waiting in Tessa Noell’s classroom to meet with the congressman, who sat down and told them a little about himself and then asked each student their names and grades and what they hoped to be when they grew up.

Each student had a list of questions to ask the Congressman.

“I told them what to get ready for, and they did,” said Noell, the student council sponsor.

The topic of conversation swayed between school safety and gun control, to safety and respect for law enforcement officers, to whether or not universal health care is a good idea.

“The students were excited to have a chance to ask questions that weigh heavily on their minds, and were well prepared to do so,” Noell said.

The students were very attentive and some of them even asked follow up questions.

“I was pleased to see Rep. Dunn truly listen to their questions and give them thoughtful responses overall,” Noell said.

The whole visit went incredibly well, Noell said.

“I have to say, that was totally of (the students’) own doing,” Noell added. “I reiterated to Mayor Green when I saw him on Saturday how grateful we were that he put together such a meaningful opportunity for our kids!”