National Women's Hall of Fame Presentation

11/14/2017 - 10:15am - 11:30am

  National Women's Hall of Fame Presentation on November 14 th



On November 14th, the League of Women Voters is honored to have,  Shirley Hartley as guest speaker.   Ms. Hartley is one of the founder's of the National Women's Hall of Fame,  in Seneca, N.Y., the nation's oldest membership organization dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the achievements of great American women.This esteemed group grows with each induction as women continue to shape the world and our future.


Seneca Falls, New York became the birthplace of Women's Rights in 1848 when Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott and 300 other men and women held the first women's rights convention called The Declaration of Sentiments, modeled after our Declaration of Independence.These resolutions included, among other demands, that women have the right to vote.The long-lasting struggle for women's rights had begun, finally resulting in voting rights for women 72 years later.


Ms. Hartley has been active in the  National Woman's Hall of Fame since  1968. She recently attended the bi-annual induction ceremony for Matilda Cuomo and 9 other inductees. During the event, she enjoyed speaking with Gloria Steinem, a former honoree and celebrity in the women's rights movement..The LWVCC is looking forward to Ms. Hartley's interesting presentation on November 14 th..


The meeting starts at 10:15 AM, at the Coastal Region Library, 8619 W. Crystal St., Crystal River.  34428.All interested men and women are invited to attend. The LWVCC is a nonpartisan organization.. For more information call 352-382-0032 or visit the league websitewww.lwvcitrus.org.