Thrift Shop donates to ‘Transplant for Trish’

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The Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop volunteers learned of “Trish” Sammons Bannister’s requirement for at least $5,000 in a bank fund before she could proceed with a kidney transplant operation through an article in May 24 issue of the Riverland News.
After contacting Karen Jones, Bannister’s fundraising coordinator through their newly set up website, www.transplantfortrish, the volunteers began an immediate phone vote to approve a $1,000 donation. Within four days, the volunteers had a majority vote and on Saturday, June 2, “Trish” Bannister and Karen Jones met at the Pennsylvania Avenue Thrift Shop to accept the check.
Bannister said she felt so blessed to have the support of so many in this community and the Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop’s $1,000 check was thrilling.
She told the volunteers as she accepted the check “protect your kidneys, you have no idea how difficult it is to have dialysis and face this kind of problem.” Bannister added she is extremely fortunate to have received news that her husband is a suitable match and will be the donor for her kidney transplant.
Bannister is part of the Sammons family that is well known in Dunnellon; her grandmother, Naomi Sammons, and her son ran the Sammons Flower Shop at the corner of Cedar and Pennsylvania Avenue for many years.
The Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop women indicated it is their hope that this donation will bring Bannister closer to the $5,000 required which will allow her to proceed with the operation.
Jones indicated there is a fund set up in her name through the Dunnellon Bank of America and they have several fundraising events planned.