Jeff Bryan
Shuttle buses from Rainbow River Canoe & Kayak stop to load tubers and other water-related users Saturday at Blue Run Park during an afternoon rain shower. City officials aired their concerns about the overcrowding from both pedestirans and vehicles, including shuttle servcies that use the park to service their customers. The council directed city staff to begin conversations with the county about the problems. Their No. 1 directive: a limit on tubers entering KP Hole, a county-run park.

Overcrowding has become an issue at Blue Run Park, the city council says, and it has the power and authority to find a solution.

“My hope is we all recognize this issue exists,” said Councilman Bill White, who raised the issue of tubers flooding Blue Run Park, especially on the weekends and holidays throughout the summer months. “It is something that needs to be addressed. It needs to be done.”

Blue Run Park is supposed to be multi-faceted, White told his colleagues and citizens.