Jeff Bryan
Two weeks ago, Ricky and Julie Donalson lost their home, possessions and dog to a late-night blaze. The problem, however, is because of the age of the home, they could not secure insurance. The situation that has left the Donalson’s in a precarious position: starting over from scratch. “Things are things,” they admitted. “And we’re old enough in our lives to realize that. We know it’s another bump in the road; it’s going to be tough, but it’s going to be OK.”

Five days after losing their home to a devastating house fire, Ricky and Julie Donalson remained in a state of shock but eager to move forward after the tragedy.

Gone was the home Ricky had been reared in by his parents; gone were items passed down from generation-to-generation, family photos and their dog who died in the late night blaze June 27. The fire, according to both Ricky and Julie, had started in a backroom of their home where a fan had been plugged in.