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    For two weeks, an ad hoc River Safety Committee established by the city council met for hours, interviewing a number of people, including vendors that transport the thousands of recreational water uses on an annual basis.

  • Fourth of July bash will offer family fun

    It might not be the “Boomtown Blast” folks are accustomed to, but organizers of the second annual Stars & Stripes Family Fun Day are sure the hands-on, old-fashioned games will offer more of a bang than folks can expect.


    Kristina Bair pulled the reins tight as she settled into her saddle and soothed her horse Trigger.

    For the pair, it has been a long six-plus months and this was a critical juncture. It was her first ride aboard her trusty sidekick as he recovered from a leg injury he suffered toward the end of the 2018 season.

  • ‘Distinctly Dunnellon’ strategy OK’d

    A six-month process of crafting an economic development strategy for the city came to a conclusion Monday as the council formally adopted the vision and plan — one replete with input from citizens and business owners.

    The plan, spearheaded by Allison Megrath with Kimley Horn and funded through a Department of Economic Opportunities’ Competitive Florida Partnership Grant for $25,000, was wholeheartedly embraced by the council.

  • Hanchar fined by state

    More than six months after winning her re-election bid for city council, Valerie Porter-Hanchar was fined May 14 by the Florida Elections Commission.


    The whirlwind of the past four years will come to a close Saturday night for the Dunnellon High School Class of 2019 as the 240-plus graduates prepare to close out one chapter of their lives, and begin the next journey.

    For Vanessa Ortiz, class valedictorian, she is already preparing for the next step of life at the University of Florida. She knows full well college will have its ups and downs.

  • Resort mogul to close on deal

    In one week, Jim Gissy will close the deal on the remaining 91 acres of Rainbow River Ranch property still owned by Jerry Dodd and the Conversation Land Group LLC.

    In doing so, the vice president for West Gate Resorts will own from the Rainbow River to Southwest 180th Avenue Road. But it’s not the only deal Gissy has in place, he said, explaining he is partnering with David Segal, the billionaire owner of West Gate Resorts. All told, the amount of acreage along County Road 484 totals more than 150 acres.

  • ‘The process’

    When it comes to Fish Hawk Spirits, it begins with the oats, or corn, in which they place the product in the smoker for about three days. On this particular day, the corn malt is in the smoker while the oats will go in the following day. The wet grain has changed to green malt, Bagdanovich explained.

  • James pushes fundraising effort

    Bobby James has long championed the Boys & Girls Club of Dunnellon.

    And now, with news that the Boys & Girls Club of Marion County suspending operations at the Dunnellon location as well as Silver Springs Shores, the retired educator is calling upon the greater Dunnellon community to lend more than a hand. He’s asking that they open their billfolds and pocketbooks to help met the $20,000 shortfall the club is facing.

  • Boys & Girls Club financial woes hit home

    Dwindling financial support and a lack of volunteers has led the Boys & Girls Club of Marion County to suspend summer operations at not just one location, but two – Dunnellon and Silver Springs Shores, according to April Savarese, CEO of Boys & Girls Club of Marion County.

    Most notably, Savarese said, the Dunnellon branch, over the past few years, has lost financial support from a variety of sources: individuals, corporate contributions and grant funding. Dunnellon, along with Silver Springs Shores, haven’t changed along with it.