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    Overcrowding has become an issue at Blue Run Park, the city council says, and it has the power and authority to find a solution.

    “My hope is we all recognize this issue exists,” said Councilman Bill White, who raised the issue of tubers flooding Blue Run Park, especially on the weekends and holidays throughout the summer months. “It is something that needs to be addressed. It needs to be done.”

    Blue Run Park is supposed to be multi-faceted, White told his colleagues and citizens.


    For those who will want “to make a run for the border,” a left will get you there if you’re driving north.

    Hardees and Taco Bell are within weeks of opening their doors to customers, and one of the last major remaining hurdles is nearing completion: a left-hand turn lane into the parking lot of both eateries.

    It was part of the $5 million to $6 million development, according to Don Wallace, director of development Arbor Capital Development.

  • Men strike out in mailbox ‘baseball’

    A video posted to social media, plus a bit of undercover work from an off-duty deputy’s daughter, led to a bevy of charges for four Dunnellon men and one juvenile, according to Marion County Sheriff’s Office arrest affidavits.

    The batch of charges brought the two-day binge of bashing mailboxes in the greater Dunnellon area to an end Sunday, July 14.

    Chase Evans, 19; Adam White, 18; Heath Ritchie, 19; Gregory Stein, 20; and one juvenile, whose name is being withheld because of their age, were all charged July 14.


    Five days after losing their home to a devastating house fire, Ricky and Julie Donalson remained in a state of shock but eager to move forward after the tragedy.

    Gone was the home Ricky had been reared in by his parents; gone were items passed down from generation-to-generation, family photos and their dog who died in the late night blaze June 27. The fire, according to both Ricky and Julie, had started in a backroom of their home where a fan had been plugged in.

  • Fourth of July bash will offer family fun

    It might not be the “Boomtown Blast” folks are accustomed to, but organizers of the second annual Stars & Stripes Family Fun Day are sure the hands-on, old-fashioned games will offer more of a bang than folks can expect.


    Kristina Bair pulled the reins tight as she settled into her saddle and soothed her horse Trigger.

    For the pair, it has been a long six-plus months and this was a critical juncture. It was her first ride aboard her trusty sidekick as he recovered from a leg injury he suffered toward the end of the 2018 season.


    The whirlwind of the past four years will come to a close Saturday night for the Dunnellon High School Class of 2019 as the 240-plus graduates prepare to close out one chapter of their lives, and begin the next journey.

    For Vanessa Ortiz, class valedictorian, she is already preparing for the next step of life at the University of Florida. She knows full well college will have its ups and downs.


    Nestled on a picturesque 3.5-acre plot of land, northeast of Duffy’s, there’s something special brewing,but it’s no secret as to what Matthew Bagdanovich is cooking.

    And those who have learned about his operation want a taste, and he’s more than happy to oblige.

    Part “Mad Scientist” or “Chemist,” Bagdanovich has been honing his craft for most of his adult life.

    “Grandma was a Sutton from North Georgia,” he deadpanned when asked how he learned the craft.

  • ‘The process’

    When it comes to Fish Hawk Spirits, it begins with the oats, or corn, in which they place the product in the smoker for about three days. On this particular day, the corn malt is in the smoker while the oats will go in the following day. The wet grain has changed to green malt, Bagdanovich explained.


    Matthew Snodgrass was like most inquisitive toddlers, as he was learning to walk, exploring newfound boundaries.

    But even for the 11-month-old tyke, the bruises that would randomly appear were becoming disconcerting, especially for his parents, Megan and Matt. So when Matthew fell ill and began running a fever, his mom, Megan, took him to a nearby clinic. The doctor, she said, dismissed the bruising and diagnosed Matthew with an ear infection and sent them home.