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  • 04/17/2014 Letters to the Editor

    Incoming city manager needs etiquette course
    It looks like the city is about to get a new manager who has a few anger and language issues.
    Mr. Esch might want to start thinking about his words when making public statements. Phrases like “raising hell” and “every freaking time” should not be used by city officials, especially when being interviewed by news media.

  • 04/17/2014 The Other Guy, Jeff Bryan

    Nathan Whitt is an eco-business owner first, and mayor second.
    Whitt should certainly have the best interest of the Rainbow Springs and Rainbow River at heart. After all, both are integral to his business.
    The first-term mayor is also a sitting board member with Rainbow River Conservation Inc., and the latest flare up from Burt Eno, the president of the environmental watchdog group should cause alarm.

  • 04/17/2014 Guest Column, Kathryn Taubert

    Most of the talk about the local environment lately seems overwhelmingly bad: degraded local springs and rivers; habitat loss for endangered species; need for additional energy sources; potential lack of drinkable water, etc.
    Success in the face of these things seems impossible, especially when issues are described in terms we don’t readily understand: parts per million, milligrams per liter, cubic yards per hectare, etc. It’s no wonder people tune out,

  • 03/13/2014 Letters to the Editor

    City’s help for Boys & Girls Club appreciated
    I am a volunteer for the Boys & Girls Club in Dunnellon. The city of Dunnellon officials have been getting a lot of criticism.
    In contrast, I would like to thank them for the help they have given the club in order that the children of Dunnellon have a beautiful new facility available for spring break and into the future.
    Susan Hay,


  • 02/20/2014 Our Voice

    This whole saga surrounding the sale of the city’s telecommunications venture to Florida Cable isn’t just bizarre; it’s like a reality television show. We never know what to expect next, because at every turn some new twist
    Perhaps, if the City Council is tossing around ideas of developing new revenue streams it could consider making a pitch to cable networks for a reality-based televison show. If folks willingly tune into “Real Housewives,” they’d tune into Dunnellon City Council meetings on a regular basis.

  • 02/20/2014 The Other Guy, Jeff Bryan

    There’s been a lot of scuttlebutt the past few weeks; folks lamenting the negative aura clouding the city. It’s tough to ignore that the City Council has a tough road to hoe.

  • 02/13/2014 Letters to the Editor

    Bob Cubbage bio ‘simply amazing’
    Augie Salzer’s biographic overview of Bob Cubbage’s life and professional career in music, sound and now in video as a composer was simply amazing. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing this accomplished pianist perform and can attest that he is fascinating.
    Thanks for giving us this cover of appreciation for one of Dunnellon’s finest. Bravo to Mr. Cubbage.
    Ron McAndrew,

  • 02/13/2014 Our Voice

    The Dunnellon City Council wants to name a new full-time city manager.
    The problem, though, among elected officials about who to name to the top post and how best to go about it is at the center of debate.
    Mayor Nathan Whitt believes it’s a waste of time and money to post advertisements statewide seeking potential applicants who could come into right the sinking ship. He and other members of the Council have praised Eddie Esch, who’s served as interim city manager since Lisa Algiere’s abrupt departure more than eight months ago.