Today's Opinions

  • Our grads are going to do well

  • Participate in your government; consider serving on a city board

    On several recent occasions the city council has bemoaned a shortage of applicants from residents wishing to serve on the various city boards. And with term limits, it seems there is a constant search for people to participate.

    In a small city like Dunnellon, these boards are working boards directly contributing to good city government by providing levels of input and review on city projects and policies.

  • Dry conditions fuel brushfires officials urge resident caution

    If you doubt conditions are prime for brushfires, last week’s 30-acre scorching of an area south of Dunnellon and numerous other wildfires, including at least seven in Marion County, should be convincing evidence.

    In Citrus County a fox squirrel ventured too close to a live power line, was electrocuted, fell to the ground still on fire and ignited a dry retention area. The fire spread rapidly and eventually burned several structures before firefighters were able to control the blaze.

  • Leaving an interesting and charitable community

    For a small city, with sparsely populated suburbs by Florida standards, Dunnellon has a lot of news.

    Even as mainstream America slows down for the summer, Dunnellon remains a busy place.

    The city is considering offering broadband access, there is pending litigation, the community is getting ready to recognize the high school softball and baseball teams, Dunnellon Elementary school has a new principal and local elections are coming.

  • One last tribute for DHS teams

    It’s going to be a little quiet in Dunnellon for a few weeks now. It’s not the summer heat or the fact that the Snowbirds have all flown north.

    It’s a little more obvious. All the excitement of the last few months with our local sports teams and last week’s national award for Kasey is over. It’s bound to be let-down time.

    Relax and enjoy the opportunity to quit biting fingernails... everyone’s earned it.

    But reserve some of the enthusiasm for one more day. For one more event.

  • FWC warns on dangers of cold water

    In a community with two rivers and a recent drowning, this warning from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is worth taking to heart.

    FWC cautions boaters and other outdoor recreationists to be aware of the dangers of falling into cold water during the fall, winter and early spring months. Cold-water immersion initially shocks the body, then causes the victim to lose motor skills and will eventually lead to hypothermia.

    Cold-water immersion is life-threatening, especially when it is sudden.

  • Celebrate Dunnellon this weekend

    It’s finally time for Boomtown Days. The annual spring get-together celebrates Dunnellon’s rough and tumble past as a mining and railroad town.

    Boomtown Days is a long-standing community tradition that has evolved into a regional attraction bringing out both residents and visitors. It is the result of a lot of work by a group of dedicated people with financial and material support from many businesses, organizations and individuals.

  • State’s role in helping buy open space critical to environmental preservation

    Remaining true to the state’s decades-old commitment to preserving Florida’s natural heritage, Gov. Charlie Crist last week rebuffed the Legislature’s $2.6 billion budget balancing plan that would have suspended the state’s Florida Forever land preservation program that is a model for the nation.