Today's Opinions

  • Letter to the Editor - Jan. 14, 2010

    Don’t let flu

    get to you

    The H1N1 (swine) flu virus is still prevalent across the nation and the American Red Cross encourages everyone to get vaccinated against the virus, now that the vaccine is widely available.

    National Influenza Vaccination Week, which is Jan. 10-16, serves as an opportunity for people to learn how to prevent the spread of the flu and to encourage people and their loved ones to get vaccinated against both H1N1 and seasonal flu.

  • Local economy must diversify

    The Florida economy is changing from one centered on traditional tourism, construction and agriculture to one driven by science and engineering, global competition and a stronger sense of place, according to the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

    In a recent speech, Mark Wilson, CEO of the state chamber, said that with unemployment at 10.7 percent, 600,000 jobs lost since late 2007 and one in five homes in the state facing foreclosure, “the Florida we’ve known is in fact over.”

  • Tax breaks with some stimulus is correct way to go

  • Time to embrace our service economy

    The jobless rate in Marion County — our number of unemployed workers — has climbed to a mind numbing level.

    The latest government figures show the January unemployment rate at about 15.4 percent for Marion County, Citrus County is at 14.6 percent and Levy County 14.3.

    This means Marion County has the third highest unemployment of the 67 counties in Florida. And the Ocala Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes Dunnellon, is ranked second in unemployment among Florida’s centers of development.

  • Don’t neglect hurricane preparedness

    Forecasters recently scaled back predictions for tropical storms and hurricanes this year.

    That’s no excuse to scale back preparation plans.

    With a tropical depression forming off the coast of Africa this week, it’s a great time to ask yourself: What regrets will I have if this turns into a tropical storm or hurricane that plunders the Dunnellon area?

    I should have shuttered my windows.

    I should have stocked up on gas, water and food that won’t spoil.

  • Sept. 11, 2009 passed too quietly

    As time goes by Sept. 11 seems to pass with less impact each year. Unbelievably, in this community its public memory has been reduced to a few flags at half-mast. It’s a far cry from the days when people wondered if any other event could ever surpass it in the news.

  • Impact of nuclear plant calls for cautious approach

    There are some very real concerns about the impact of a new nuclear plant in neighboring southwest Levy County.

    Testimony from residents about their fears must be taken seriously by Progress Energy, state and Levy County officials, along with testimony from the environmental community. The community of Inglis, in particular, needs the commitment of influential parties to minimize the impact while facilitating the establishment of the power plant.

  • Five villages

    affected by fee hike

    I would like to emphasize a couple of points in the on-going discussion about the raising of the amenity fees by Mark and Kasia Kaprelian (Kasmark). The five villages in Rainbow Springs affected by this charge only comprise approximately 150 (by my count) of the 2,000+ homes in RS. Kasmark is raising the fees by over 400 percent this year, over 800 percent next year, with promises of more raises every year.