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  • Letters to the Editor - April 15, 2010

    Look for higher

    taxes in our future

  • Letters to the Editor - April 8, 2010

    Going green got

    some people going

  • Letters to the Editor - March 18, 2010

    Small safe, economic reactors

    offer possible alternative

    An interesting recent technological improvement in the production of electricity using small fully self-contained, safe, reliable, and relatively inexpensive midget nuclear reactors are being developed and are very close to becoming the first generation of their type. Several companies are striving to become the first to get on the market with these remarkable devices but it appears that right now Japan has the early lead in their development with China a close second.

  • Letters to the Editor - March 11, 2010

    Many supporters made

    Monte Carlo a success

    It is with a great sense of accomplishment and gratitude that I would like to thank our generous supporters for another successful Kiwanis Monte Carlo Night.

    Over 100 guests joined in the fun, food, music, gaming and live auction. Proceeds from the evening will help to fund Kiwanis programs such as:

    n college scholarships.

    n recognition programs including “Terrific Kids” and “Bringing up Grades” in elementary schools,

  • Stop the drip fix those leaks

    Once you develop a fixation on a specific noise it can drive you nuts.

    A mosquito buzzing in your ear, the beep of a dying battery in your smoke alarm and the drip, drip of a leaking faucet are enough to keep someone awake at night.

    While slapping the pesky mosquito may be somewhat of a feat, changing the battery in a smoke alarm or fixing the leaky faucet is somewhat easier.

  • Letters to the Editor - March 4, 2010

    Stimulus letter

    was misguided

    The Feb. 25 letter “Did you see any stimulus money” is an exercise of misguided apologetics for conservatives’ performance over the last 20 years. The letter also presages what is working in our country and what remains to be done.

  • Cracker Days: a cure for cabin fever

    It is one of our area’s premiere winter events and an easy one to support because it is just so much fun.

    The annual Cracker Days celebration, a unique two-day exhibition on our area’s past will be held this weekend at Rainbow Springs State Park.

    It is an event that gets better each year and involves the Friends of Rainbow Springs State Park, park volunteers, park staff, authors, historians, vendors and musicians.

    As with any event at Rainbow Springs State Park, the natural setting alone is worth a visit anytime, as is the park gift shop.

  • Letters to the Editor - Feb. 25, 2010

    Prayer requests

    are special