Today's Opinions

  • Blue Run of of Dunnellon Park is a very special park

    Editor’s Note: The following comments were make at the Blue Run of Dunnellon Park dedication by Bill Vibbert, who was recognized, long with Burt Eno and Paul Marraffino for their tireless efforts in helping make the park a reality.

  • An accomplishment worth noting

    A nonprofit organization, Habitat for Humanity, made the list of the top 100 builders, in volume, in the United States for 2007.

    The efforts of volunteers put them number 14 on the list, published by Builder’s magazine. They closed on 5619 homes in 2007.

    Habitat for Humanity of Marion County contributed to the home count. They closed on 18 homes last year. Two were in Dunnellon. With over 1800 affiliates in the United States, the Marion County group ranks number 27 among other chapters.

  • Group opposes more nuclear plants

    We The People has submitted a FOIA request over a year ago regarding the GAO report in order to determine what parts were built in Crystal River and when were they replaced if at all.

    We believe there should not be any more consideration for any more nuclear plants to be built until the citizens around Crystal River and beyond get all the facts regarding the substandard parts issue.

  • Relay for Life is our opportunity to support those fighting cancer

    The kickoff celebration was back in January, when volunteers, cancer survivors, family members and supporters rolled out their goal to raise $40,000 with this year’s Relay for Life.

    It would be football theme, summed up as ‘Tailgate to Tackle Cancer.”

    And for the participants it meant months of team meetings, captain meetings and fundraising efforts.

    And if you went to any event in Dunnellon you would run into some team fundraising for their part in the relay.

  • Go low-flow during Water Conservation Month

    Did you know that an older toilet model can use three gallons or more per flush, while a new low-flow model uses just 1.6 gallons per flush? Or that an older showerhead can use as much as eight gallons per minute, while a new low flow model uses just 2.5 gallons per minute?

  • Local charities need continuing support through donations and volunteer time

    Charities nationwide are preparing for tough times as the mention of the “r” word has gone from a casual reference to being front and center.

    With threats of a recession looming, local nonprofit agencies are naturally among the first to feel the crunch. Ironically, it is those agencies and organizations that provide a safety net to others that are among the first to be trimmed from tight budgets.

  • Letters to the editor

    New library need

    community support

    This summer Dunnellon will witness the opening of our new public library centrally located at Robinson Road. The Friends of the Dunnellon Public Library, with the help of generous donations from individuals, groups and businesses, will continue to provide support for the library services while enabling new endeavors to promote literacy in our community.

  • Letters to the Editor

    More holiday

    thanks expressed

    In a recent letter to the editor from Dunnellon Police Chief Robert D. Jackson thanking local businesses and organizations for supporting the M.O.M.S. Holiday Program, the XI MU NU Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi was accidentally omitted.

    Challenges to evolution

    should not be ignored