• Story by Liz Woodward

  • Story by Julie Mancini

  • Companion planting is a method of growing different plants adjacent to one another for the benefit of one or both of the companions.
    Some plants are thought to confuse or act as a decoy to potential pests, while a few provide food for the pest’s natural predators. Many of the specific plant combinations are based on garden folklore rather than scientific evidence, although many organic (and non-organic) gardeners swear by them.

  • Story by Julie Mancini

  • Riverland Baptist Church schedules seminar
    Riverland Baptist Church has scheduled a Power of Money seminar in April. 
    This is a four-week course. Teaching includes techniques to pay off debt and build savings. Attendees will develop a personal plan to meet short- and long-term goals. 
    A certified financial counselor will teach this hands-on class. It will from 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesdays, April 5 through April 26, in the Fellowship Hall of the church at 19455 S.W. 61st St., Dunnellon.

  • Special Olympics items available
    The Dunnellon Police Department is selling Special Olympic Torch Run T-shirts and hats at the police department, Superior Bank and Regions Bank. The T-shirts are $12 each and the hats are $10.
    The Special Olympics Torch Run will be at 5 p.m. Tuesday, April 12, from Walmart to City Hall. Everyone is welcome to participate. An Official Torch Run shirt is required for the run/walk. Supplies are limited.
    For more information, call 465-8510.

  • Pruning is not something demanded of trees, but if you want a good shaped tree, and to prevent issues now is the time to prune your citrus if possible. The recent cold snaps may have damaged limbs, so look for splits in the bark. An old tree could benefit from pruning allowing new vigorous growth and a whole new life to return to a tired tree, producing larger fruits, and have less dieback.

  • They came into town Friday evening, gingerly strolling down County Road 484, and collapsing when they arrived in the parking lot of Two Rivers Inn.
    When they departed from Two Rivers Inn on Saturday morning, there was an anxious feeling as the group was clad in orange shirts with blue lettering, matching the school colors of the University of Florida. They were close to completing their journey.

  • Tomatoes are a joy to grow, see, smell and eat in the garden. Although gardeners cannot control the weather the diseases and pests that can be found on the plants can be controlled to a certain extent.

  • Dunnellon High School held its inaugural dodgeball tournament Friday, Feb. 26, with a variety of teams competing, from high school students, teachers and a team from Dunnellon Middle School, the tourney was bound to be fun.
    Three to five players were allowed on a team; three would play and the other one or two members would be alternates. Two teams competed at a time in the high school gym, the match-ups being determined by a bracket to eliminate teams until the final two groups.

  • Tomatoes are possibly the most grown, and favorite home-grown fruit in gardens around the world. Able to be gown in a container, ground, and coming in different sizes to suit all gardens this plant is found in just about every part of Florida.
    The many varieties including small fruit, or cherry tomatoes, staking, which have a large fruit, and a bush type, which again can produce small or large fruit depending on named variety.

  • Story by Jess White, Dunnellon High School

  • To introduce myself, I am from across the pond! My family and I arrived here in 2006 after selling a wholesale herbaceous, (or cottage garden nursery, and traveling to sunnier climes.
    We were successful in developing our business and had many celebrity customers, even the Royal Family, but we love the Rainbow River area. Highgrove House is an amazing place, and serves a wonderful lunch too!
    This winter has been a mixed bag. The cold snaps are catching plants and shrubs out and many look as if they have succumbed.

  • Denise Arfsten believes in helping others.
    When she was younger, she worked as a legal assistant in child support enforcement.
    Then, as the years passed, she returned to Florida to take her care of her mother and aunt when they could no longer take care of themselves without assistance.
    So a new career was born.
    Arfsten went back to college, earning a degree in health administration. From there, she passed her test to become an administrator at an assisted living facility in St. Petersburg.

  • By James Snyder

  • Every family has those traditions and days that help define their family. I personally know some families (although I shall not divulge any names unless there is enough cash present) that are adequately defined by April 1. For me, Christmas Eve clearly defines me.

    Christmas Eve means many things to me. For one, it means shopping. Yes, it is true; I do all my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. It cuts down on the stress. I know some people who spend weeks shopping and their life is full of stress.

  • Shalyn Barker has been dancing, well, perhaps before she could walk.

    The 30-year-old mother of two has been teaching since she was a teenager.

    Now, the co-owner of VSDance can boast of a new honor.

  • When Patricia Sammons Bannister slipped into a coma and her outcome was iffy at best, her family and friends went to work.

    First, they prayed for her recovery.

    Secondly, they knew if she did pull through, that Bannister would need financial assistance.