• A time for everything

    There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3

    Someone once said that one thing in life is inevitable, Change.

    Habitat for Humanity of Marion County’s Ye Olde Thrift Store on Pennsylvania Avenue has been proud to be a part of Historic Downtown Dunnellon scene for the past five years. Alas, as the scriptures tell us, to everything there is a season — and sadly our season of providing quality gently-used merchandise to the friends in the Dunnellon area has come to an end.

  • How do you put together a lively weekend long community festival in the throes of a difficult uncertain economy?

    The answer of course is with a lot of hard work and plenty of perseverance.

    The 2010 version of Dunnellon’s Boomtown Days did not just come together. The planning, scheduling, recruiting, fundraising and publicizing are not routine or automatic.

    True it has been going on for many years, but it has also had changes in leadership, location, format and participants.

  • Plenty to do in

    great little city

    We live in a great little city. There is so much going on for us to enjoy. Our library is always busy. They have speakers, movies and book sales. The churches are always offering programs of all types. Now they have entertainment at the depot, dinners, plays and yard sales. Superior Bank gave Dunnellon an evening of fun last week. Restaurant owners set up tables of food for everyone to enjoy and lots of music.

  • Check condition

    of your flag

    Patriotic Americans:

  • Don’t blame Chamber

    for city’s decision

    I can’t believe the way some members of the business community are acting over Jazz Up.

    This year the city of Dunnellon has decided to keep the festival on the West end of Pennsylvania Ave. for safety reasons. So guess what, several "business professionals" from the East end are up in arms and blame the Chamber of Commerce. Hello! Blaming the chamber for a decision made by the city of Dunnellon is the same as blaming your cat if your dad looses his job.

  • One of the busiest times for blood centers is the summer. Unfortunately, at the local level, the demand has been exceeding the supply.

    Dunnellon has a convenient facility for blood donations, but many may be unaware of its existence. Certainly, the signage on the building is not memorable. Perhaps green is not the right color for the sign of a place wanting red blood.

    Perhaps people are more tuned in to the bloodmobiles and their visibility than to a place in a strip shopping center.

  • Last Saturday’s unique “back yard chicken swap meet” hosted by Tractor Supply was one of those great home-town events tailor-made for Dunnellon.

    There are enough farms and people who still are more rural than urban in this community who benefited from the venue provided to sell, swap and trade what they had on their farm – or something they wanted to add to what they already have.

  • A modern day

    Declaration of Independence

    We hold these truths to be self-evident – that we the people — are tired of being told what to eat, to think, and what we should tolerate, condone and endorse.

    We are tired of seeing Christianity bashed, hearing God blasphemed, perversion praised and prayer and religion expelled from public and government life.

    We the People – are fed up with Greenpeace, global warming, animal rights and all manner of environmental wacko-ism.

  • It was a buzz kill

    Okay, so I’ve tried to be a politically correct International sports fan and get into this World Cup football (soccer) mania, but I am having a lot of difficulty figuring things out.

    If it’s called the “Federation Internationale de FOOTBALL Association,” then why are these games played with a soccer ball and not a football? Why not just call it like it is… soccer?

  • Look for higher

    taxes in our future

  • Going green got

    some people going

  • Small safe, economic reactors

    offer possible alternative

    An interesting recent technological improvement in the production of electricity using small fully self-contained, safe, reliable, and relatively inexpensive midget nuclear reactors are being developed and are very close to becoming the first generation of their type. Several companies are striving to become the first to get on the market with these remarkable devices but it appears that right now Japan has the early lead in their development with China a close second.

  • Many supporters made

    Monte Carlo a success

    It is with a great sense of accomplishment and gratitude that I would like to thank our generous supporters for another successful Kiwanis Monte Carlo Night.

    Over 100 guests joined in the fun, food, music, gaming and live auction. Proceeds from the evening will help to fund Kiwanis programs such as:

    n college scholarships.

    n recognition programs including “Terrific Kids” and “Bringing up Grades” in elementary schools,

  • Once you develop a fixation on a specific noise it can drive you nuts.

    A mosquito buzzing in your ear, the beep of a dying battery in your smoke alarm and the drip, drip of a leaking faucet are enough to keep someone awake at night.

    While slapping the pesky mosquito may be somewhat of a feat, changing the battery in a smoke alarm or fixing the leaky faucet is somewhat easier.

  • Stimulus letter

    was misguided

    The Feb. 25 letter “Did you see any stimulus money” is an exercise of misguided apologetics for conservatives’ performance over the last 20 years. The letter also presages what is working in our country and what remains to be done.

  • It is one of our area’s premiere winter events and an easy one to support because it is just so much fun.

    The annual Cracker Days celebration, a unique two-day exhibition on our area’s past will be held this weekend at Rainbow Springs State Park.

    It is an event that gets better each year and involves the Friends of Rainbow Springs State Park, park volunteers, park staff, authors, historians, vendors and musicians.

    As with any event at Rainbow Springs State Park, the natural setting alone is worth a visit anytime, as is the park gift shop.

  • Prayer requests

    are special

  • This month, people in Marion County and across the nation will receive their 2010 Census questionnaires.

    Along with the Marion County Board of County Commissioners we urge residents to take the 10-question survey and return it by April 1, which is Census Day.

    The shortest in U.S. history, this census is supposed to take only 10 minutes to complete and will provide critical demographic information about Marion County that will: