• Thanks to many

    for Haitian aid effort

  • Get used to the word “our,” particularly as it pertains to children and young adults.

    A grassroots organization comprised of local volunteers is moving ahead with an extremely ambitious undertaking that requires the support of Dunnellon area residents, businesses, government entities, nonprofit agencies, youth and civic organizations.

    This group plans to build a permanent facility to house “our” Boys and Girls Club. The effort already involves the school board, county government, the city and the existing Dunnellon Boys and Girls Club.

  • Describing Rainbow Springs back in 1978, author Robert Tabor wrote, “the beauty of this unmatchable first magnitude spring is impossible to describe to someone who has not seen it.

    “The circumference of the main spring is the largest I’ve ever seen and yet on a clear day, the visibility under the surface of the water is unlimited. Giant bass move about in the crystal splendor with many other types and varieties of underwater life. The rainbow color of sands and limestone give this perfect place its name.”

  • You can stay pretty busy keeping up with Dunnellon’s high school athletes.

    In recent weeks, at least nine Tigers have signed letters of intent to play at the various Florida colleges and universities that recruited them.

    So far, the Dunnellon High School Class of 2010 will be fielding future fast-pitch softball, baseball, football and track participants at the college level.

    Not bad for a small school in a competitive environment in state full of colleges that can recruit from anywhere.

  • More representative

    turnout needed

  • Practical plan could

    solve several issues

    The Marion County School Board has once again demonstrated great generosity through a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club providing for a location in the Dunnellon area for a new recreation center.

    The city of Dunnellon can join in this partnership by contributing towards the construction of the Boys and Girls Club facility, while still completing its own needs for expanding emergency services.

  • Thank you


    The Dunnellon High School fast pitch girls softball team would like to take this opportunity to say "thank you" to everyone involved in their Benefit Golf Tournament held at Rainbow Springs Golf and Country Club on Saturday, Jan. 16. The tournament was a huge success.

  • It’s something we’re already good at here in Dunnellon and it should be a call to action — a cornerstone of any plans for a local ecotourism industry.

    Watching wildlife is such big business in Florida that Gov. Charlie Crist proclaimed Jan. 25 through 31 Florida Birding and Wildlife Watching and Natural Resource Education Week.

  • Annie Johnson

    Senior Center cares

    In response to our county’s need, Annie Johnson Senior and Family Service Center is hosting a countywide Food Drive, Jan. 18 through Feb. 12.

    Please bring in the following items for your age level:

    1 — 12: Cereal

    13 — 20: Macaroni and cheese

    21 — 30: Canned vegetables or fruit

    31 — 40: Meal kits (Hamburger Helper, etc.)

    41 — 50: Spaghetti noodles and sauce

    51 — 60: Peanut butter and jelly

  • Kettle campaign

    is successful

    The Kiwanis Club of Dunnellon wishes to thank the many people who contributed their time and resources to the Salvation Army Annual Christmas Drive. The Red Kettle Campaign in Dunnellon was able to achieve its goal and raised more then $6,400.00.

    This campaign has been conducted by the Dunnellon Kiwanis Club every year since 1984.

  • We have just come through another incredibility generous Christmas season, a fitting end to a tough year. As reported over the last few weeks, many individuals, businesses and organizations went the extra mile to make sure as many people in our community as possible would have enough for the holidays.

    There were food drives, toy drives, special parties and collections of cash and necessities.

    But the need continues as we move into January.

  • Festive decorations are hallmarks of the holiday season, but according to the nonprofit National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), they also play a role in many U.S. home fires during this time of year. Fires involving Christmas trees, decorative lights, as well as those associated with holiday activities like cooking and candle use, significantly contribute to seasonal fire rates as well.

  • Rainbow Springs

    owners have choice

    To Rainbow Springs Property Owners Association – owners:

    If you, as a dues paying member of the Rainbow Springs Property Owners Association, are concerned and dissatisfied with the way the current board of directors are “managing” the RSPOA, we would ask you to please read and get informed.

  • Thanks for

    blood donations

    A big "thank you" to the people of the area of Dunnellon for donations for me during the Blood Drive. I know you all have busy lives and I really appreciate your efforts. Thanks also to my caring wife, Wilma, and LifeSouth for their concern. My condition of leukemia is somewhat improved because of your help.

    Morton Jester


    RSPOA sets the

    record straight

  • Hold a public meeting on inland water issues and you can guarantee a crowd.

    The topics of water quality, water quantity, its protection and control, evoke more public sentiment and comment in this part of the state than anything in recent years.

    As evidenced by the December meeting of the Senate Select Committee on Florida’s Inland Waters, participants are organized, well prepared and dogmatic. They promote a popular set of values. Politicians have picked up on their energy. Some have even learned the terminology and some publicly embrace the same values.

  • Nancy Argenziano first got elected to the Florida House of Representatives from Citrus County because she promised to represent the little guy.

    She was part consumer activist, part water rights activist and a big-time irritant to both the sitting governor and her own party’s leadership team.

    She was an irritant because she didn’t accept the status quo and she wasn’t afraid to ask the tough questions.

    She also wasn’t afraid to leave gifts on the front steps of a lobbyist who she felt did her wrong.

  • A big thanks to the

    Dunnellon community

    Thanksgiving dinner was held at the American Legion Hall on Thanksgiving Day. Over one hundred guests and volunteers were served a delicious dinner.

    Two chefs and assistants prepared the dinner, which was served by wonderful volunteers.

    The tables were decorated with fall centerpieces created by two talented ladies adding a festive touch. This dinner began with preparation on Wednesday night from 9 p.m. until 12 a.m. The volunteers began again at 4:30 a.m. and finished at 3:30 p.m. Thanksgiving day.

  • Community support

    made effort successful

    Goin’ Postal would like to offer thanks to everyone who helped to make Operation Warmup (to help Dunnellon’s homeless) a success. To all those wonderful folks who donated warm bedding, sleeping bags, tents, coats, pj’s and sweaters — we couldn’t have done it without you! Also, we want to thank the Riverland News and Superior Bank for helping to announce the drive.

  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared Dec. 7, 1941, a "date which will live in infamy." With over 3,500 Americans killed or wounded, the surprise attack by the Imperial Japanese on Pearl Harbor was an attempt to break the American will and destroy our Pacific Fleet. They succeeded in doing neither. On National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, we pay tribute to the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and we honor all those who selflessly served our nation at home and abroad during World War II.

  • Christmas fire safety should start the moment you step onto the tree sales lot.

    It seems simple. A green tree is a fresh tree; so a fresh tree must be a safe tree, right? Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving. So you must do further investigation. It may sound unlikely, but consider this: some dealers may spray paint trees green. This deception only adds coats of highly flammable paint to an already flammable tree.