• Community Thrift Shop

    opens Monday

    Well we finally did it. The Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop is opening up our doors again.

    We will be open on Monday, Dec. 7, just in time for holiday shopping. The store hours will be 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Our new location is 11871 Illinois St. We are behind the tattoo shop and dry cleaners. We really appreciate your patience in waiting for our opening. Hope to see y’all soon.

    Thanks again,

    Winnie Kilby


    Pink pales compared to

    other city issues

  • Kiwanis thanks

    duck race supporters

    The Kiwanis Club of Dunnellon wishes belatedly to announce the grand prize winners and sincerely thank all the donors and contributors for their kind and thoughtful support of our 19th Annual Duck Race that was held at Gruffs Tap & Grille on Oct. 10.

    The Grand Prize winners were as follows: 1st Prize, $400 Gift Card, (Valerie Feagan.); 2nd Prize, One-year membership Rainbow Rivers Club, (Deborah Tripp); and 3rd Prize, One Night Stay at Holiday Inn Ocala with Breakfast, (Vince Petzel)

  • It was extremely heartening this week to report on the local churches and organizations that have taken on the task of making Thanksgiving Day a happier holiday for Dunnellon’s less fortunate families and needy residents.

    Donations of food have been collected for Thanksgiving baskets that will enable more residents to enjoy this traditional American feast, one that is too often taken for granted. Hopefully, as in yeas past, this will be the start of a season of community giving to that will carry through and meet the demand for other holiday needs.

  • There was never any doubt where Dunnellon Councilwoman Louise Kenny stood on the many issues she faced during her two year term.

    She never shied from expressing her point of view or concerns when it came to matters facing the council.

    And while she was best known for and identified with her environmental and land use work, Kenny was hardly a one issue councilor.

  • Healthcare reform

    faces ‘selfish’ opposition

    So U. S Rep. Cliff Stearns, R-Ocala held a series of town hall meetings on healthcare reform last week at various town halls within his district.

  • The nation will observe Veterans Day next week, amid what seems to be an increasing movement to honor and respect those who serve and have served in America’s military.

    With Central Florida being home to many veterans, in many communities we have the opportunity to get together with other residents and honor these veterans on Wednesday, Nov. 11 at various events.

  • Driving takes attention

    and consideration

  • Driving challenges

    on U.S. Hwy. 41

    While I am aware of the good job our Marion County officials are doing to regulate and supervise the driving habits of those using our roads and highways, of concern to me is a stretch of Hwy. 41 running north from Walmart in Dunnellon to the intersection with State Road 40 East.

  • “Every trick-or-treater is at risk during this Halloween holiday, according to the National Safety Council, the main concern is for risk of injury from walking/playing in traffic areas, from the use of toxic paints and materials as part of a holiday costume, and from eating treats that may have been maliciously contaminated.

    To help ensure a safe Halloween for everyone follow these tips:

  • Say no

    to drugs!

    There was once a wonderful girl who wasn’t involved in any drugs. But one day her best friend convinced her to smoke a cigarette. That one cigarette changed her whole entire life. Her behavior, her friends, and the choices she made.

    She went to places she should have never gone to. She didn’t even listen to her parents. Her grades started dropping to F’s and D’s.

  • So much for hope

    and change

    Thank you Senator Nelson and friends.

    On Sept. 29, to his credit, Sen. Nelson voted against amendments by Senators Rockefeller and Schumer for a government option. He claims he’s protecting seniors.

    On Sept. 30, to his discredit, Sen. Nelson and the rest of the Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee, voted against amendments that would have prohibited the government from paying for abortions and for health care for illegal aliens.

  • When Jazz Up Dunnellon gets going this weekend, organizers and sponsors will probably breathe a collective sign of relief. Some regular visitors to the annual event will probably be confused and some businesses on East Pennsylvania Avenue will note it as the end of a crosstown event.

    But visitors and residents will hopefully show up and enjoy what promises to continue to be Dunnellon’s Unique Event.

  • Dunnellon Community

    Thrift Shop update

    As you all know, we, the Community Thrift Shop was scheduled to open at the end of September. Well, we are nearing the end of September, and we are not ready to open.

    We were told that we had to leave the building (where we have been for many years) so they could remodel. We looked for a place to rent but found nothing we could afford. We did find a building for sale at a good price and we are in the process of purchasing it. That is where we stand as of today.

  • Once again a Dunnellon police chief has left the job under a cloud of questions. Former police chief Roger Free submitted his resignation last week, which was effective immediately.

    As the news spread last weekend, the reaction was surprise. Small wonder. In a throes of a major recession with the Florida job market tanking, who walks away for a cushy benefit-rich government job without an explanation?

  • Worst commission

    we’ve ever had

    In a local newspaper an article titled “Marion Narrows Field in Legal Outsourcing,” Michael Dean was mentioned. Who is he and what are his achievements for Marion County? Seniors watch your homes. As far as Nabors, Giblin and Nickerson, the County has used this firm against the citizens of Marion County for years. Commissioners use this firm when they have not so legal road assessments and other shady deals. This is your tax dollar being used against you. Why does one attorney cost more than a firm of attorneys?

  • Any day is a good day to visit Rainbow Springs State Park, but this Saturday, you can take advantage of the annual Springs Festival. It was last celebrated here in 2007, then rotated to Silver Springs for 2008.

    Their unparalleled importance and beauty make Marion County’s springs worthy of an annual celebration. This year, enjoy a day of family fun and learning with live entertainment, arts, crafts, food, educational exhibits, activities for kids, door prize giveaways and more.

    There will even be a walk-in, 10x10 sinkhole exhibit.

  • As America observes the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, there are opportunities within driving distance where area residents can join together with others to remember the tragic events of that day.

    On this eighth anniversary of the tragic events at the Pentagon, the twin towers in New York City, and Shanksville, Pa., the America Supports You Freedom Walk continues a national tradition of reflecting on the lives lost on Sept. 11, renew our commitment to freedom and the values of our country and honor our veterans, past and present.

  • This coming Monday is Labor Day, a holiday which has lost some of its meaning over the years.

    To many children in the South, it’s just the first day off from school after a couple of weeks getting back into the classroom.

    To many up north, it’s a big weekend for celebrating warm weather, as it is considered the last hurrah of summer before the chilling breezes of the fall.

    Many seem to be unaware of the history of the holiday, except for residents of those states with strong labor movements, where this holiday has a place of honor.

  • People sharing time and talents

    make our community a better place

  • Budget cuts at the state level are bound to affect the quality and cost of living at the local level. On one hand it is sadly reassuring to know that state officials in Tallahassee are dealing with the same recession driven challenges as the rest of us. But on the other hand, it is disheartening to imagine what some of the possible budgetary setbacks could do to outdoor recreation and the environment.

    Some of the cuts being considered would basically eliminate the Florida Office of Greenways and Trails (OGT), which could seriously impact this area.