• Anyone who has followed our coverage of the 2009 Dunnellon Relay for Life, has to be impressed by the efforts of the teams involved. Many of the team members have been immersed in the effort since late last year, coming off an incredible fundraising success in 2008.

    The Dunnellon Relay raised about $61,000 last year. Sixty percent of the money raised remained in Marion County for cancer support services, while the other 40 percent went to research for a cure. It was an effort to be proud of and one that involved a wide segment of the community.

  • Open government is

    vanishing in Dunnellon

    As I read with interest the story this morning in the Ocala Star Banner on the city council hiring a lobbyist. I, as a voting citizen of Dunnellon, am wondering how did we add another city council member to the council without a vote?

    It seems that we have had a lobbyist group, the environmental organization that is a 501c3 that is to be doing projects for the river, not being a political action committee or lobbyist group.

  • Food-4-Kids

    needs your help

    As parents scurry along with their kids to be ready for the opening of school, teachers and school administrators are working hard to prepare for “that first day.” Dunnellon Food-4-Kids Inc. is also gearing up its efforts and again seeks the help of caring people in the Dunnellon area so that we too will be ready — ready to feed hungry children through our “Backpack Program”!

  • Boomtown Days 2009 is now a memory! The weekend event was the culmination of months of planning on the part of Chamber of Commerce staff, directors and special events committee members under the direction of Mrs. Nancy Myers, event coordinator.

  • COPS volunteers and POA

    security are separate

    This statement is inn response to the statement made by manager Lemma at the RSPOA board meeting on March 10, in reference to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department COPS program. Manager Lemma stated that due to a complaint by two of the homeowners that the COPS programs has been discontinued in Rainbow Springs. I would like to set the record straight, This is the information e-mailed (excerpts) to us directly from Lt. Gallion of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department.

  • You have plenty of time to still “get purple.” Purple clothes, purple signs, purple paint, purple hair and purple decorations will be the order of the day on April 15. Businesses and individuals are invited to “paint our town purple” to celebrate the 2009 Dunnellon Relay for Life.

    The annual event, which is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, also celebrates the lives of cancer survivors. This year it will be held April 17-18 at the high school field.

  • We applaud the Dunnellon High School girls’ softball team that on May 16 won its first state title.

    The Lady Tigers’ run through the state tournament was nearly perfect, outscoring their five opponents 50-1. The lone blemish was a third-inning score by Lake Wales in the state final. It was the first softball team ever in Marion County to play in the Final Four and reached the championship game by defeating Harmony 12-0 the day before.

  • Gov. Charlie Crist and Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink joined many friends and supporters of Florida Forever in support of Florida’s great history of land conservation at Florida Forever Day in Tallahassee. The Florida Forever Coalition used the occasion to release a public opinion poll that showed 81 percent of Florida voters hold a favorable impression of land preservation and 67 percent support continued funding.

  • It’s time to take action.

    The official start of 2009 hurricane season is Monday, June 1 and it will be with us through Nov. 30. If you’ve been around a while, you know hurricane season used to expire in October. That was bumped up to mid-November and finally the end of month.

    So it’s a long siege, and will seem like a long time to keep that extra food, water and battery supply on hand. But a few precautions now can help eliminate or at least reduce worrying and those frantic last minute trips to the store.

  • Hats off to the city of Groveland for taking a stand to protect the Florida aquifer. It’s a local issue in the sense that all Florida water concerns are our concerns.

    And it’s a battle one can easily imagine taking place in Marion County, maybe even in Dunnellon.

  • Community Thrift Shop:

    We have to move

    We are looking for a larger building. We need to have at least 1,800 square feet, good parking and reasonable rent.

    We are a nonprofit organization and would like to stay in town. We have been in business for 30 years and have given much money to the community. All the money stays in the Dunnellon area.

    We gave $16,000 this past year to community functions. We are all volunteers. We need something as soon as possible.

  • Stimulus is here

    Hello America. I got my stimulus package today. Whew we. Wasn’t it great. Now I have money to spend. Or do I?

    After the prices of gasoline going up five cents a gallon to improve the pothole roads that blew out my left front tire last week, as I received a $150 ticket for illegal parking trying to change my tire as the spare was flat also. One of those cost efficient tires that Detroit dreamed up to save them money. As I drive around town looking like a DUI being ready to be fined again, my portion of my stimulus package began to dwindle.

  • He was definitely the right person at the right time for the job. In his two years as Dunnellon city manager, Bill Bailey kept the city on a financial course that has positioned it well to get through the current economy while meeting the needs of residents.

  • It’s finally time for Boomtown Days. The annual get-together celebrates Dunnellon’s rough and tumble development as a mining and railroad town.

    Boomtown Days is a long-standing community tradition that has evolved into a regional attraction bringing out both residents and visitors. It is the result of a lot of work by a group of dedicated people with financial and material support from many businesses, organizations and individuals.

  • State lawmakers need

    long-range perspective

    I am extremely concerned with some of the legislation now being proposed.

    It is very short-sighted of the legislature to eliminate or handicap DCA and to fail to pass a springs protection bill.

    It is also very short-sighted to not fund Florida Forever. These anti-environment initiatives are prompted by the greedy building industry, which got Florida into a more serious recession than the nation as a whole.

  • Dunnellon needs people to thrive

    The closing of Skeets is part of a bigger problem for the city of Dunnellon. Although the Dunnellon service area is huge many of these folks don’t live in the city and once they get into their cars they’re gone. I’ve lived in the area for 30 years and have a home in the city and know why it has declined.

  • A young child awakens early one morning to a fluttering sound coming from the blinds covering his bedroom window. He gets out of bed and notices what looks like a small bird flopping around on the floor. The child picks up the bird and realizes that it’s not a bird but a bat and releases it out the window. Weeks later, the child develops a fever, headache, and becomes disoriented and is admitted to a hospital. Tragically, he dies two days later from what doctors diagnose as rabies.

  • Dunnellon’s ‘Peanut Butter Gate’

    A funny thing happened on the way to the Dunnellon Planning Commission meeting the other day. It seems the city planner, Harold Horne, was given a peanut butter sandwich by the planning commission chairwoman, Magge Ericson, before the meeting. You see, Harold doesn’t always eat right, so Ms. Ericson was helping him out to make it through the meeting. The following, now public record document, is the result of that gift.

    Email written to Harold Horne 7-22-09, 10:38 P.M.

  • Septic tanks up river, the sewer plant at Rio Vista, the spray field at Rainbow Springs State Park Campground, restrooms at the Villages of Rainbow Springs Beach, too many tubers … the list goes on, when it comes to ideas and comments on what is causing the recent pollution in the Rainbow River.

    Other possible causes that have surfaced in the past two weeks are runoff due to heavy rains, warmer water temperatures, wildlife, general over use by people and other activities in the catchment area.

  • This past Sunday marked a milestone for many Americans who were once denied the lifestyles and opportunities so many of us take for granted. Sunday, July 26 marked the 19th anniversary of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, commonly referred to as ADA.