• More often than not, I speak before I think. I’m not the lone person in the boat, we all often do it. Mine just so happens to be at the most inopportune times, and the case in point was one of Jackson’s first soccer practices.
    One of the coaches was doing their best to maintain control of about 10 children, 10 years or younger. So I offered to pitch in and give them a hand.

  • In case you haven’t noticed, the Dunnellon High School football team is deep into its regular season and remains undefeated. The Tigers are ranked third in the state and the excitement is building around their upcoming district matchup against South Sumter. It is an opportune time to reflect on the Tigers history of championship level football.
    As a photographer, I get to see the action up close and I can personally attest to the fact that this team is talented. I am not surprised this team is ranked near the top of the state polls.

  • Well it’s game on; we can now start talking about the celebration of 125 years for Dunnellon. It was touch and go there for a while and the plans for a 125 jubilee carried a tentative “if we survive that long” element.
    It now looks like we will stay solvent through next summer, so I guess we can run with it.
    As we begin the preparations to celebrate this event, it is a fitting time to revisit our boomtown heritage. It is informative to look at how far our city has moved forward since our not so auspicious days as an overnight boomtown.

  • While reading this past Sunday’s edition of the Citrus County Chronicle and Ocala Star-Banner, it occurred to me that local politics, at times, appears to not have well-being of citizens with regard to police and fire protection in mind.
    Starting with Dunnellon, as of yet, I have not seen a workshop with the Marion County Fire Rescue to really explore the options to have full coverage for the city. That would be well worth a seven-hour workshop session.

  • Come Monday, the Council will formalize a $2-plus million budget, balanced with more than $250,000 from reserves and cost-savings generated in insurance savings.
    With such a large sum being pulled from reserves to provide a “balanced” budget, little will be pushed back into reserves. That’s bad for business, worse yet if there are any crisis (emergencies), city officials will find themselves in a pickle.

  • Councilman Walter Green believes citizens deserve justice for the Greenlight debacle, which has been a financial disaster.
    Most, if not all of us, are familiar with the golden goose which laid a rotten egg. The fiber-to-the-home program failed to deliver as a revenue generator as then-officials had hoped.
    Honestly, the likelihood the public will ever see justice may never happen. But it certainty wouldn’t hurt if we could get some answers behind the failures. Where did the money go, besides down the drain?

  • Those who know Richard Kennedy best know he isn’t one who covets individual accolades and honors.
    For nine seasons, it was more than a message he preached to his players, it was part of the culture he developed when he took the helm of a downtrodden program.
    Kennedy created a personal legacy with the success he had on the gridiron, which included multiple championships and 230 victories in 28 seasons at the prep level. His program had numerous players enter the college ranks, with three of his former charges entering the professional ranks.

  • It was with great anticipation that I sat down to write about the renaming of Tiger Stadium. As a former player, I feel renaming the stadium after coach Richard Kennedy is a fitting tribute.
    As I started to write about playing for the coach, I thought I knew to start. I wrote in detail about the epic goal-line stand against second-ranked Wildwood. I wrote about standing in the end zone to snap the ball; about knowing we could never drive the ball out with 4 inches shy of the goal line; about coming away with an 8-2 victory and those

  • If you haven’t yet met Regas Woods, you’re missing out on the impact he’s making in so many lives not only in Dunnellon, but worldwide. His positive, uplifting desire to inspire others isn’t just on the track where he’s become one of the world’s top Paralympian athletes.
    The 34-year-old resident burst onto the scene as an acclaimed ATV stunt driver and a mighty darn fabulous one. Shortly thereafter, Woods paired with his friend, Nick Stillwell, who lost his legs in a wreck, to form the Never Say Never Foundation.

  • We certainly don’t envy the Council when faced with tough decisions , but we definitely applaud their action to seek out a legal opinion regarding the details of city manager’s attendance at an event hosted by the city-contracted engineering firm.

  • The Dunnellon City Council is proposing merging the roles of police and fire chiefs into an all-encompassing public safety director. It’s certainly an idea which deserves consideration because of the potential cost savings to the city. However, we would urge the Council as well as other city officials to thoroughly and carefully vet such a proposal.
    The leading candidate to assume the proposed role is Fire Chief Joe Campfield. There’s no denying Chief Campfield has an abundance of knowledge regarding fire services. His lengthy career at Dunnellon Fire Rescue can attest to that fact.

  • Pardon me if I seem at wit’s end, because I’m not sure if it’s from playing the role of full-time parent for the past month as my one-time spouse recovers from total hip replacement, or the recent budget workshops.

  • Who knew being a lazy slob would pay off for me one day? I got very lucky thanks to my lack of desire to clean my house. I can hear my mother telling me to stop writing about how I am a slob. I guess clutterbug is the best description. The house is clean, but cluttered. I don’t feel so bad because if you see the videos people post on YouTube, you will see I am not the only person who is organizationally challenged.

  • For the past few years, and more, the Dunnellon City Council has avoided dealing with the fiscal crisis staring back at them this year: a $400,000-plus budget shortfall.
    Now, for better or worse, city officials have no other alternative but to deal with the problems with drastic changes, or cuts. Truth be told, cuts should have happened years ago as revenues, especially reserves, continued to dwindle.
    The problems are essentially three-fold and the current Council must take an aggressive, proactive approach to solving the financial issues.

  • When someone messes with something or someone I love, they are going to get my full wrath. I wasn’t born with an Irish temper for nothing. If you know me and have experienced my angry side, you know I can be downright mean. Therefore, the County Commissioners should take notice. That sounds more threatening than mean; I am a pussycat with a big roar.
    The dang fools are messing with the library budget. Don’t they know how essential the library is to a community? Where else on this planet can you get all the knowledge this world has to offer for free? Nowhere, that’s where.

  • “You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness. You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism.”
    — Erma Bombeck, American humorist

  • The Dunnellon Chamber of Commerce has designed a brochure promoting the Dunnellon Bike Trail and Blue Run Park as a way to bring bikers and hikers into our community to see what we have to offer. Following is the brochure verbiage that is sure to entice visitors to take a minute and enjoy the beauty that is Dunnellon. For information about the trail, visit www.facebook.com/DunnellonTrail.

  • “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take that away from you.”
    — BB King

    For more than 300 young men and women, the first step into adulthood begins tonight. It’s a time to celebrate a significant milestone, but the countless hours you, your parents and educators have invested in the past 13 years should not be wasted.