• “He who controls the food, controls the world.”
    — Author unknown

  • I have lost count of what the current generation is called. Last I knew it was “Gen X” and “Gen Y.” Personally, I think they are “Gen Tech” because that is what they live and breathe.
    According to AARP, I am a member of the “baby boomer” generation. That term covers a long span of time. No matter what you call it, I think I was born in the wrong generation. I dig the 1940s — the music, the people, the actors, the décor and the clothes. The two people I admire most are from that generation is my mom and dad.

  • Remember when we were kids and we couldn’t wait for our birthdays to arrive? We would start counting down months in advance. Only 46 days until my birthday. The excitement was contagious. Then when somebody asked us how old we were we would proudly answer 13 and a 1/2. Oh that 1/2 was so very important. Sometimes I would even say three quarters.
    I think we spend half our lives wanting to be older, and then one day you wake up and you are old and it all changes from there.

  • Once again Dunnellon seems to be in the grip of denial, and the needs of the Dunnellon business community are taking a backseat as officials are focusing on the problems of the minority.
    Mayor Whitt everyone can agree that mending fences is a good and noble endeavor; however, continuing to knowingly avoid the obvious truths apparent to all is not leadership. It is seriously irresponsible.
    Dunnellon did not get into financial distress due to national economic issues, Greenlight Communications or utilities buyouts.

  • No! No! No! Stop the world from spinning. Cut the wings of time, this is a no fly zone. No tick, tick, tick of the minute hand. Years, months, hours, minutes, seconds, stand still. That is an order. Unless you can go back in time you are not allowed to go forward. Are you listening to me time? I am not kidding around.
    That is what’s going on inside me. This is what is going on the outside.


  • David Stone -- Special to the Riverland News

  • It was hard watching my daughters grow older, become their own persons and then leave the nest.
    However, it’s even harder watching your mother and father growing older.

  • I vividly remember the first time my friend, Rose, slathered a cracker with a glob of goats’ cheese on it for me to sample.
    My reaction wasn’t the best. I wrinkled my nose and furrowed my brow. “Goats’ cheese,” I responded.
    Cheese comes from milk. Milk comes from cows. This was a simple deduction of reasoning, having seen a cow being milked up close and personal.

  • Good luck to Jeff Bryan in his endeavor to quit smoking. I’m lucky I was never a smoker, but I know plenty of people who are, and have been, and I believe the nicotine habit is a very hard one to kick.

  • “Why do you want to destroy the river?” my friend cried with real anger, tossing a cold one in my general direction, though I’m not sure it wasn’t more aimed at my head than anything else.
    Rather than attempt to catch the guided missile, I simply jumped into the clear sparkle of the river in question and swam a short distance away.
    Having no fear of salt or burning, my eyes opened and I was in that special place, that other world that only those who have been blessed to frolic in the Rainbow River know.

  • In 2007, an environmental group pushed through Comprehensive Plan changes for the city of Dunnellon, which reduced zoning density of Rainbow River Ranch property. This prompted the property owner to file a Bert Harris lawsuit against the city to protect their vested property rights.
    For those of you unfamiliar, a Bert Harris lawsuit is about as serious as a heart attack, being the only court action in the state of Florida, other than capital murder, requiring a 12-person jury to determine damages.

  • Close to 15 years ago I looked around the room one Christmas morning and announced that our family was getting boring. I was met with looks of shock and disbelief.
    What I meant to say, or should have said, was “our family is getting boring because there are no kids to liven it up.”
    We were all grown-ups and holidays such as Christmas didn’t have that spark and excitement that they do when children are around. After adults unwrap their gifts, what else is there to do? One year, we ended up at the movies. Excitement was definitely lacking that year.

  • Do taxpayers want Rainbow Springs in charge of city?
    To the taxpayers of the City of Dunnellon: The recent barrage of letters to the Riverland News from residents of Rainbow Springs are full of exaggeration and half-truths.
    MYTH: Greenlight Communications Dunnellon is being subsidized/paid for by Rainbow Springs water rates and the 25 percent surcharge.

  • It’s been a few years, to say the least, since I became a registered voter.
    I recall the excitement I had about being able to register prior to my senior year in high school, I was even prouder of the fact I was the lone senior in my class of voting age to take the time to register to vote.

  • City Manager Lisa Algiere must have short-term memory loss, maybe it’s the stress of the job.
    Frankly, it comes with the territory.
    A month ago, I had requested from Mrs. Algiere, in a meeting with Harriet Daniels, the publicist for hire, information about the number of customers utilizing the fiber to the home program’s services.
    A simple request, or so it seemed.
    But the city manager didn’t agree.
    “No,” she responded at the time.
    Not so easy.

  • Years ago, when the anti-Rainbow River Ranch crowd took over the City Council, it was an academic argument as to what the long-term effects of that decision would be.
    The last time there was this much controversy in Dunnellon, the Rainbow River Ranch project was being opposed by many residents in Blue Cove as well as Rainbow Springs.
    John Taylor, the mayor at the time, and the Mainstreet USA program had many plans for the community. Mainstreet had implemented a CRA. That was to fund sidewalk improvements and a boardwalk commercial district behind the Bingo Hall.

  • As the family grows and more celebrations are added, it gets to the point where you can’t find a free weekend with nothing planned.
    We’re always celebrating somebody’s birthday, or someone’s anniversary or sometimes just somebody’s good news. That’s a good thing, of course, and I’m truly grateful, but it can also become a bad thing when life gets crazy and expensive.

  • I really should know better. Honestly, you would think at my age I would have learned enough lessons that I would be able to make better decisions.
    I am blaming it all on my brother Bill. OK, so he was in Alabama at the time, it’s still his fault. Yeah, that’s it, it’s Bill’s fault.
    He and my sister-in-law, Molly, were coming to visit. All week I had been cleaning. You see, Molly used to run a high-end Bed & Breakfast in New York.

  • With certainty, I have an eclectic mix of musical taste.
    I can blame that on my parents, daddy was a little more country and momma was rock ’n’ roll. Both products of the 1960s, they didn’t listen to much of the acid rock, nor much of the tree hugging hippie tunes of the generation.
    That’s not to say I don’t listen to it either.